What has become of Mentor’s baudal beauty,
The search for knowledge, electronically pulsing with life?
It still hums, faintly, so faintly, barely perceptible,
Nearly drowned out by faces and tweets, deals and ads.
The world has co-opted our networks and computers,
They become acceptable, cool, for the stlyish and hip.
We have been co-opted by the corporate, by money and government;
We have been co-opted by the world; we have co-opted ourselves.


From green on black, to white on black,
To CGA, EGA, VGA, more;
My neurons mature with progress, technology!
But I want to go backwards, and despite this, I don’t.


A genius! Bound to succeed, though a tad antisocial;
But wow, that is cool shit he can do.
Ideas coded tightly into the black ether
Become actions and beauty expressed to us all.
The acme, the zenith, clarity of vision!
Of techno-arcana, he is an electro-magician.


But now many are magic, not just the pure
And so it grows all around us, and boxes us out.
We retreat from the cacophony, into ourselves,
And remember the days when we lived as might gods.
Perhaps we’ll return, to recognition and laurels,
But we likely will not; exclusion fits exclusives,
Though sometimes we glimpse at what we left behind.


So let me don once more my top hat and monocle,
Put on my vest, and tighten my tie.
I shall pour again a glass of claret, and toast
That this one, dear friends, is for the lulz.